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New Laundry Equipment

Small Piece Folders

Lavatec Small Piece Folders
LFO Airspeed 43.
Foldmaker 66.

  • PLC control.
  • User-friendly display.
  • Sixteen programs that can be quickly installed and easy to call up and use.
  • Interactive diagnostics.
  • Production and totalising counters.
  • Multi-level security access for operators, supervisors and maintenance personnel.
  • Article reject through the machine.
  • Adjustable nose height.
  • Touch & Hold feature to inhibit width measurement and increase throughput on similar width pieces.
  • Available in non-sort and triple sort models.


  • Fold sizes:
    • Minimum 18" X 10"
    • Maximum 71" X 47"

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Please Note: Specifications Are Subject To Change Without Notice