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New Laundry Equipment


Lavatec Feeders
LFE Vacfeed.

  • Precise positioning of linen onto the center of the main conveyor belts.
  • Accurate location of spreader clamps.
  • Positional spreader clamp travel minimises overrun and so improves cycle times.
  • Tension and relax control eliminates risk of damage to articles.
  • Replaces the use of wire ropes, rollers and chains to aid transfer to feed conveyor.
  • User friendly touch screen interface.
  • Aesthetically advanced appearance incorporating improved ergonomic feeding station height.
  • Increased vacuum control using variable speed fans provides superior sheet lay and tail spreading efficiency.
  • Improved detection of incorrectly loaded items reduces both machine downtime and risk of damage to linen.
  • Side access, easy clean filters for the variable speed fans help to maintain production targets that may be reduced by reductions in vacuum.
  • Increased safety for operators and maintenance personnel is achieved by improved electrical isolation on panels and covers.
  • Compact freestanding modern frame with built-in wheels and jacking bolts.
  • Conveyor nose height adjustable to match ironer feed bands or chest.
  • Reduced width 3.0m (120") delivery conveyor to match ironer may be specified with no additional cost. Alternative working widths available.
  • Special perforated conveyor belts for efficient suction hold of articles.
  • Novel velocity absorption chamber for air discharged from fans, increasing efficiency and eliminating the need for cumbersome ducting.
  • Electronically controlled, auto-variable main conveyor speed to match variations of ironer speed.
  • Dual delivery conveyor section for improved feeder to ironer presentation.
  • Spreader carriages isolated from services in hand feeding mode.
  • Optional nose assembly for direct into ironer chest feeding.
  • Auto or manual 'Feed Start' operation.
  • CE standard compliance.

Please Note: Specifications Are Subject To Change Without Notice